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Catering, Vendor, and Alcohol FAQs

What facilities are available for our caterer to use?

We have a sizable prep kitchen available for your approved caterers use that includes a commercial refrigerator, a warming rack; ice machine; and several stainless steel prep tables. Our kitchen is not a full service kitchen so caters must cook the food off site in their own permitted kitchen, and use our prep kitchen for final plating (which is a common practice for catering companies).


Can I choose any caterer/vendor?

All food items must be prepared and served by an approved, commercially licensed, and insured caterer. While we do not have preferred or recommended vendors, we do have a list of vendors that have previously been approved to work at Uptown by Lone Star Events that will provide you with a great starting place to begin planning your day and choosing your vendors. If a vendor you are interested in using is not currently on our list, we have an easy process for vendors to request approval. As long as they meet our requirements, we will be happy to approve them for you. All businesses/vendors that work on the Uptown by Lone Star Events property are required to be licensed and insured, and must be pre-approved by Uptown by Lone Star Events.

What is your alcohol policy?

We allow moderate amounts of beer and/or wine to be served as a refreshment for you and your guests. We want everyone here, at Uptown by Lone Star Events, to enjoy themselves and have a great time, so we ask that all guests drink responsibly. Hard liquor, excessive alcohol service, and a rambunctious party-like atmosphere are not permitted.

Alcohol must be served by an approved, licensed, and insured bartending company. We also require that you obtain an event policy that includes Host Liquor Liability Insurance protection that meets our requirements. If you would like a full list of alcohol service guidelines, please let us know and we can provide those to you.

Can we bring food from home or have a friend/family member prepare food for my event?

For safety reasons, all food items (including desserts) must be prepared and served by an approved, licensed, and insured caterer. Caterers and food service providers/servers have been trained and certified in food service guidelines, including the proper temperature that specific foods must be served at, as well as how long certain foods can remain out. This requirement is set with the safety of your guests in mind, and ensures that someone is responsible for taking the appropriate steps to minimize potential risks at your event.

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