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Dramatically hung from rigging points in the venue they really are a feature and we thought it would be a good time to showcase the effect of ceiling installations.

VIP Table Chandelier - Why not make the vip long tables stand out with this beautiful design.

The halo above the table really is a statement filled with ivories and pinks gorgeous flowers.

Ceremony Chandelier - A lovely place to stand under for your I Do's

Dancefloor Chandelier - This is a pretty flower chandelier which cleverly surrounds the venues lighting fixtures and is a perfect centrepieces that crowns the seamless printed dancefloor.

Ribbon Flower Chandelier - This is a unique design which incorporates ribbon and roses.

3 ft Ribbon & Floral Chandeliers

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Starting Price quoted about...

    1) Ribbon (Choose your color) combined with Floral buds (Choose of floral type) for wedding party decoration Style Center Hanging Dream Catchers,


    2) Indian Handmade Jasmine Flower with Lotus Strings for wedding party decoration Style Center Hanging Dream Catchers, Indian Wedding Decor, Mehndi Ceremony, Decor, Bollywood theme party, Holiday party Decor.

    3) Floral Chandelier Frame - 32 1/2" Diameter Heavy Duty Ring With Hanging ChainOverview Weight: 7.00 LBS Height: 2 inches Width: 32 1/2 inches

    Material- Eco-Friendly Plastic

    Size- 3 Feet Approx.

  • Use of Equipment:

    (See Contract for additional Terms & Conditions.)

    Renter agrees & covenants to be satisfied with the instruction and condition of equipment rented and the proper and safe service of equipment, or that renter is so familiar and conveyed to Unique Event Designs you were. The renter further agrees that the items will only be used at the address listed on the contract and only for the purpose for which it was intended and manufactured. Subleasing or improper use is prohibited.

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