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Let us set the stage for you: you have an event coming up and are looking to take it to the next level. Whether it’s a religious function, fundraiser, graduation, or any other type of event where you want to rise above the crowd,

Portable Stage Platform Set

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Each platform is made of durable plywood on a sleek steel base covered in a lush black carpet, and measures 4’ W x 8’ D, making it an ideal size for any event. The platforms and ramps are both equipped with wheels for easy transportation, and all other elements are lightweight and store well in sturdy cardboard boxes. Each platform has a weight capacity of 3,306 lbs., meaning you can add banners, backwalls, podiums, chairs, décor, and more to really customize the space for your needs. A complete portable event stage platform kit is a sound investment for any church, school, event venue, or anyone else looking to make their next event a success. Note:The ramps for the event stages are not ADA compliant.

    • Platforms and ramp have wheels for easy transportation
    • Sturdy steel base
    • Platform made of carpet-covered plywood
    • Stairs, ramp, railings, and skirts included
    • Each platform measures 4’ W x 8’ L
    • Capacity of each platform is 3,307 lbs.
    • Choose from 16” or 24” H
    • Available in sets of 3, 4 or 5 platforms
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