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The whole excavating process is a process of simulating archaeology, which can exercise the kid's operating and observing ability well and can also teach related dinosaur history knowledge.


It fascinates children as soon as they begin playing and is a perfect STEM project. It fosters a love for science and paleontology in a fun and exciting way.

Dino Doc's Adventurer

PriceFrom $281.62
Excluding Sales Tax
  • Guest Count: 12


    Activities Include:

    • Pin the Horn on the Triceratops
    • Dinosaur Egg Hunt
      • Help the Pteranodon family find they're missing things and return them to the right nest.
    • Reading tent
    • Dino land
      • Train set
      • Dino dig
      • Using proper paleontologist digging equipment! (Adult Supervision)
        • Rock Hammer,
        • 3 Chisels,
        • Anti-Fog Safety Goggles,
        • Jewelry Magnifier,
        • Compass,
        • Whistle,
        • Multi-function Shovel,
        • 2 Pairs Gloves,
        • 2 Musette Bag,
        • 1 Spray Bottle,
        • 2 Brushes.


    Food/Drink suggestions:

    • Dinosaur dirt cups
    • Swamp water
    • Dino droppings
    • Dino claws


    Decorations and Decor:

    • Shimmering green tablecloth
    • Boxwoods
    • Dinosaurs
    • Block Out plaques
    • Dinosaur skeletons
    • Leaf and plants
    • Rocks
    • Vegetation
    • Fog Machine



    • Wording:
      • Our Dinosaur is Growing Fast, we can't believe three years have passed!
      • To open your mouth and let out a RAWR
      • Now come and party like a dinosaur
      • Stomp on over and come and play as we celebrate:(Child's Name)
      • 'DETAILS'
      • Don't get extinct
      • RSVP by (DATE)
      • To Mamasauras # (Telephone)
  • Stay Tuned...

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