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To answer this question in a nutshell, a destination wedding is a wedding held away from your hometown but there is more to it than that and we will dive into it more below! And guess what, it doesn’t have to be in a foreign country or even on a beach. Couples are changing the game when it comes to wedding trends and what they want for their #BestDayEver. More and more are choosing locations that are special to them.

For those of you who do not know, June is and has been, the most popular month to get married for some time. (Take notes guys!)

So, what about weddings, how are people getting married? Times have changed and even though most brides can’t seem to buck tradition, destination weddings are the new trend. Many people think destination weddings are only in warm and tropical luxurious locations but that is just one of the many different destination weddings you can have.

Is a Destination Wedding and Destination Marriage The Same Thing?

I started to research and found that many are still clueless about what a destination wedding truly is and how to even plan one. A destination wedding allows couples to host their wedding in a unique location of their choice. They are saying to hell with tradition, let’s do it our way. A destination wedding takes the stress out of planning a regular wedding at home with people you barely know that your parents make you invite. I know…I have been there but let’s get back to this definition of what a destination wedding really is.

As a former Destination Bride, myself, I thought what?!! It is one of the best ideas since Steve Jobs invented the iPhone (Galaxy users don’t be mad) …. who doesn’t know that a destination wedding simply means a wedding away from home, right? Duh!

But is there more to this definition? We are hearing the term "Destination Marriage".

My belief is toes in the sand and tequila in my hands with friends and only the family you actually like in attendance… sounds like a destination wedding to me. But, as I did a little more digging, I found there is an actual definition that states a destination wedding is defined as “a wedding where the couple marries at least 100 miles from where they live.” This means a destination wedding can be a wedding held in a setting away from your home.


I kept searching. That’s not really my definition, and here is why.

For example: Take Jane who is from North Dakota and James who is from Michigan, well maybe they meet somewhere in the middle and have their wedding in Wisconsin, by that definition it is a Destination Wedding but seriously WISCONSIN? No disrespect to my cheese-loving friends, however the destination weddings I am referring to are those that take place all over the world like the Caribbean, Mexico, Europe, or even Australia.

However, I understand that NOT all destination weddings take place in far-off international locations. I have been a part of some that took place in Hawaii, Las Vegas, and even the sunshine state of Florida. You get my point though.


They now represent 25% of the wedding market, with 350,000 destination weddings performed every year, this accounts for all weddings in the US., compared to 5% a few years ago. What was once known as the wedding for those who had been married before has now turned into a new trend, especially since more and more couples are footing the bill themselves. With more and more of us getting married at a later age (thanks dad for pushing us to think school & career first, the marriage never lol!), and with more millennials who love adventure and travel, hello destination wedding, goodbye tradition.

So, Stay calm and DO IT your way!

Now we have received some Certifications and Education in this area so check the list and let's PLAN YOUR ADVENTURE!

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