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"Exploring the Different Types of Food served at any Event."

There are several types of food served at an event but we will go over the 3 main types with you. They are as follows:

A Man's hand holding a cocktail...

  • Cocktail - This is an event where the food and drinks are passed on trays. The guests are mostly standing around socializing or are seated at the small bar or cocktail tables. The food is primarily hor d'oeuvres or canapes, a light fare, and the drinks can either be pre-established and offered to the guests or they can order individual drinks from the cocktail waitstaff.

A set round Banquet table for eight.
A set round Banquet table for eight.

  • Sit-down Dinner - This is just as described, it's a dining event where your guests are seated at different group tables, usually pre-assigned. The menu is set and then there is usually a full bar service available to the guests as well. Event waitstaff takes food and beverage orders and provides service to the guests throughout the event.

A setup buffet table.
A setup buffet table.

  • Buffet - This is an event where there is no direct table service except for beverage orders and clearing the table of empty plates. The guests get in line at the buffet and select whatever food they want on their plates and bring it back to their own tables. Event waitstaff attends to the buffet service, explaining the different food items, and serving the guests on their plates.


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