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Q: How do you plan a Virtual Wedding?

Livestream your wedding for guests who can't make it due to Health, Mileage or Schedule. Now *every guest* can join your wedding, even if they can't be there in person! 1. The Team is Important! Even if you’re not able to meet in person, we can meet on Zoom or Facetime, because determining if there is a connection is critical. It's important to see designs together with reactions to shared photos and inspiration. There are so many details we need to check off when visually showing each other thoughts. It's important that during this unique time with so much on the checklist that you don't feel like you are losing anything, even an experience while planning your wedding virtually. We can't stress the importance of Zoom or FaceTime when venue tours come up. Colors of planted materials in gardens can change, or the number of leaves on trees from season to season. Don’t feel like you’re being a pest by asking for another “tour” as the date approaches.

2. Listen to trusted reviews. Pay attention to your friends when they give their opinion on vendors they have worked with, both good and bad. There’s no substitute for first-hand knowledge. 3. Your "production meetings" before the big day. As your wedding gets closer, there will hopefully be opportunities to all meet in person. But if time is of importance, you can also create a Zoom call and have a comprehensive production meeting for all involved!

4. Just because your guest aren't there in person, doesn't mean they can't be physically apart of your day.

We have our ways of including your guests with their senses in a variety of ways to make a unique experience.

So, if your interested in creating such an important day for you and your guests, contact us for further information.

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