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Timeless wedding band styles

Choosing an engagement ring is an important decision. With so many beautiful styles and trends available, how can you choose the right one? When it comes to style trends, sometimes the most daring decision is to bypass trends and look to tradition. Trends come and go, but these timeless engagement ring styles have remained popular throughout the decades.

From traditional to modern, vintage to glamorous, you’ll find nothing but timeless elegance on this list. If you’re ready to pop the question, or want to drop a hint to your significant other, here’s a look at the 5 most timeless engagement ring styles.

The Appeal of Timeless Engagement Ring Styles Why look to tradition for engagement ring inspiration? These classic styles are time-honored. In other words, they’ve remained popular through the ebb and flow of jewelry design trends. It’s not that there’s anything wrong with buying a trendy engagement ring. Yet, there is a risk in buying on-trend designs as you never know if they’ll eventually fade out of style.

The opposite is true for timeless engagement ring styles, which are trend-resistant. For example, take a look at the classic solitaire engagement ring. Rewind the clock 50 years and you’ll see this was one of the most dominant styles available. It’s no surprise then, that this same style is one of the most popular engagement ring styles right now. And we’d wager that in another 50 years the same would ring true. What is it about timeless styles that never seem to age? The sheer fact that classic designs are appealing to a wide demographic. And the more flashy or extravagant, the narrower the market.

Making a decision as important as an engagement ring requires following your heart, which is why you should choose a style you adore. It’s also helpful to have all the facts, resources and information to make an informed decision.

Current engagement ring trends feature bold designs and extravagant metalwork. You’ll notice a contrast when looking at classic engagement ring styles, which favor simplicity. While these trends might steal your heart at the moment, will they in five years from now? And what about the long-haul? Will you still be in love with the flashy styles we see today? If the thought of a ring going out of style has even crossed your mind, it’s important to have a look at the classics. These timeless engagement ring styles have proven tried and true over the years.

What exactly do these classics look like? Let’s find out!

Classic Styles to Consider Each of the following styles is a classic—the common thread among them is simple elegance, understated design and eye-catching beauty.

Solitaire Engagement Ring Considered one of the most classic engagement ring styles, the solitaire setting features a center stone and a simple band. This ring setting design enables the center stone to take center stage! But don’t let the simplicity of this style fool you; there’s still plenty of room to customize it. To remain consistent with the traditional style, choose a princess or oval cut lab grown diamond. If you crave something bold and unique, choose an emerald or pear-cut center stone.

Round Brilliant Engagement Ring Another one of the most timeless engagement ring styles is the round brilliant diamond. This ring setting is similar to the solitaire setting with one key difference: the center stone is always round. Yielding maximum light reflection and brilliance, round cut lab grown diamonds are simple and striking. With an elegant band and center stone, the round brilliant style personifies classic beauty.

Three Stone Engagement Ring If you crave more bling than a solitaire or round brilliant, the three stone engagement ring is for you! This style offers a little extra flash for those who love geometric shapes and a dash of symbolism. This timeless engagement ring style symbolizes the past, present and future. The large center stone represents the present commitment between two people. Flanked on either side are two smaller stones: the first depicts the story of how you two met and your respective pasts, and the last stone embodies the future you’ll create together.

Are three stone engagement rings popular? You bet! And that’s always been the case, as three stone engagement rings are considered the most traditional ring setting. This romantic ring is rich with meaning and history, making it one of the most alluring classic engagement ring styles available.

Accented Engagement Ring This style is similar to a solitaire engagement ring, except that instead of a simple metal band, the band has side accent stones. Accented engagement rings epitomize classic elegance while adding an eye-catching sparkle that commands attention. The accent stones provide enhanced drama to an otherwise minimal ring design.

Halo Engagement Ring Another timeless, attention-grabbing style is the halo ring setting. This style combines the foundation of an accented setting with the addition of a band of stones encircling the center stone. This ring setting elevates the traditional solitaire and round brilliant to new heights. Halo engagement rings combine the best of both worlds: classic elegance with modern glamour. Are halo engagement rings too traditional and out of style? On the contrary. They are currently one of the most popular engagement rings on the market.

Personalizing A Classic Engagement Ring Style Are you drawn to the allure of timeless engagement ring styles? It’s easy to see why, as each of these styles has proven their quality through generations. Another benefit of choosing a classic ring style is that you can pass it down as a family heirloom. Do you favor the elegant simplicity of a solitaire setting? Perhaps you want a little bling, in which case a halo setting or three-stone setting are excellent choices. Whichever ring you choose, it’s smart to think about specifics to personalize your ring to your preferences.

Choose Your Metal Most people know straight away which jewelry metal they like most, yet sometimes it’s not so straightforward. The most classic engagement ring metals are white gold, yellow gold and rose gold. Start with the color you like and then think about how that will look with your favorite setting.

Choose Your Diamond Shape Which shape appeals most to you? Do you like unique shapes like pear, marquise, and emerald? Or do you love the classics like princess and round brilliant? The ring setting will influence the shape of your diamond or lab grown diamonds, and vice versa. With solitaire engagement rings, you have the freedom to play around with any shape you like. Conversely, a halo setting usually warrants only a couple popular shapes: round and oval.

Choose Your Center Stone Lab grown diamonds offer the freedom and luxury to choose a high-quality, striking diamond that’s ethically sourced and affordable. You can even build your engagement ring around your lab grown diamond!

Feel a little closer to finding your dream engagement ring? When it comes to choosing the ring you’ll wear for a lifetime, these timeless engagement ring styles prove that you can’t go wrong with a classic!

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